Why we created this programme?


Originally it started as a simple creative story for my children. The story took the animals who lived in our local river and we characterised them brinigng in universal themes of positive risk taking and personal resilience.


Taking our KRisk teams extensive knowledge and experience across all industrial and educational sectors we felt there was a need to improve awareness and knowledge of risk and resilience best practice for school education., from pre school to school leavers.


We designed the primary schools package so as teachers can simply take the materials and deliver it. What we have found is that schools have taken a whole school approach and the amazing teachers we have worked with have taken the resources in all sorts of new directions also – even one working with the National Trust and the children to have safe kayak adventures on the local river.
Twinkl Scotland and KRisk have worked together to create a series of free lessons to bring Mr Goose to life in your classroom and teach your learners about the importance of taking risks and developing personal resilience.

•  To build teachers knowledge in international best practice.

•  To allow them to confidently teach the children with the resources provided.

•  To create a positive risk culture in the school and local community.

•  Leaders in developing the essential skills that all industry understand is so important to be successful.

•  Focus on Environmental, Social and Resilience themes

Let me talk you through HOW we go about this pathway on the screen and WHAT resources are available to you.
For more information about the educational resources or to discuss your own requirements please don’t hesitate to get in touch.