Mr. Goose was created and originally written by Grant Kennedy of KRisk ltd. during lockdown for his own children and tells the story of a loveable character called Mr Goose and teaches little ones the importance of taking risks and developing personal resilience.


The book was beautifully illustrated by artist Louise McBride capturing the local environment and bringing the characters to life, and has recently evolved into a musical album composed by Craig Espie of Skerryvore and featuring some of Scotlands most talented traditional musicians.


It is also accompanied by a host of educational resources and its teaching was piloted at Doonfoot Primary in South Ayrshire earlier this year before being rolled out to primary 1- 5 classes in schools across Ayrshire.


Set on the River Doon, near the famous Burns’ Cottage, this children’s book is an endearing story about personal risk and resilience. Plunge into the absorbing adventure and get to know the unforgettable characters who live on the river…

Let Mr. Goose take you on his adventures; from making the decision to change his direction in life, to the challenges he faces along the way. He encounters many ups and downs, from severe weather and unfriendly animals to making new friends and finding a place to call home.

Written by Grant Kennedy and beautifully illustrated by Louise McBride, Mr. Goose is available now both as paperback book and digital E-book.


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Listen to the story of Mr. Goose brought to life in musical form! 


Composed by Craig Espie of Scottish band Skerryvore and featuring some of the country’s finest traditional musicians, Mr. Goose – Risk & Reward is a musical journey like no other. Dance, sing and clap along as the sounds of bagpipes, fiddles and accordions tell the tale of Mr. Goose and all of his friends.

Narrated by BBC Radio Scotland presenter Gary Innes and featuring the music of Craig Espie, the new audiobook version of Mr. Goose – Risk & Reward is the perfect way for the whole family to enjoy the adventures of Mr. Goose and his friends.

Twinkl Scotland and KRisk have worked together to create a series of free lessons to bring Mr Goose to life in your classroom and teach your learners about the importance of taking risks and developing personal resilience.