Risk & Reward

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Everyone has gathered together for a party! Clap your hands, stamp your feet, dance, and sing along with the song and help to welcome Mr. Goose to his new home. 


Verse 1

Still waters run so deep

Never fear, just take the leap

Trust your insight and your foresight too

Challenge what it means to you.


Verse 2

Listen to the beat within

Draw you breath, and take it in

Take a step outside your comfort zone

Let your confidence be shown.



Like the river, Let your ideas flow

Taking you to places that you want to go

Be the person that you’d want to know

Don’t hold back, dive right in, let your colours show.

Risk and Reward

Risk and Reward

Risk and Reward

Risk and Reward


Verse 3

See yourself as others do

Keep an open point of view

Shed a tear whenever it feels right

In the darkness be the light




Verse 5

Hindsight can be so sublime

Use it well and take the time

Don’t neglect what matters most to you

Reflect on what you need to do


Verse 6

Plot the path you’re going to take

Plan the changes you will make

Open up the door to opportunity

Seize the day, you hold the key